Helix Core

Helix Core, formerly Perforce Helix, is the company's version control software for large scale development environments. The Helix Version Control System manages a central database and a master repository of file versions.



I've written 3 blogs about Helix Core.

Perforce: Installing and Configuring on Ubuntu
Posted 2 years ago by LoveDuckie
A small article on how to configure your Ubuntu installation, for installing Helix Core CLI tooling with minimal fuss.
Games Development at Scale: Personal Builds
Posted 4 years ago by LoveDuckie
A breakdown and analysis of personal builds, the caveats, and how best to implement them with the JetBrains TeamCity continuous integration system, using C# and Perforce.
Perforce: Formatting, Scripting, and the Command-line Interface
Posted 5 years ago by LoveDuckie

In this blog post I will discuss some of the convenient tricks that you can leverage when navigating Perforce and its command-line interface.